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September 10, 2013
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Dearest?  How Did We End Up Here? by ladycompassion Dearest?  How Did We End Up Here? by ladycompassion
Apophysis 7x 15 B by :iconxyrus-02:

Dedicated to the one I would travel ANYWHERE with.....:iconmelodiousglenndog:

Here are some poems from his gallery:

I Think a Gnome Lives in My FridgeBeyond the fridge door is a magical room
With the door closed - cold, dark, gloom
When one opens the door on turns a light
To brighten up the darkest night.

The light makes visible food and drink
Some of it is still good, "I think?"
"How does the light come on?", you say
I think I might have discovered one day.

I think there was a little gnome
Which ran a little too slow back to his home
I seen him trip on the butter dish
And duck behind three day old fish.

When I looked again he was not there
He could not just have disappeared
Did he hide behind the chicken legs?
Or climb into the carton of eggs?

Where does he go when you ope
Three Little Pigs vs. GodzillaOnce upon a time there were three little pigs venturing out on their own. The first little pig decided that he needed a shelter to live in, so he built a little hut out of straw. Some time later, Godzilla ventured into that part of the village and came across the straw hut. He asked the little pig to come out and the little pig said, "Not a chance, buddy". So, Godzilla huffed and puffed and blew fire and burned the straw hut to the ground and enjoyed roast pork for breakfast.

The second little pig decided that he needed a place to live, so he built a log cabin. Some time later, Godzilla ventured into that part of the village and came across
Beauty Too Real To GraspA fragrant aroma fills the air
The scent of her perfume reaches my inner most being
I look up and behold the beauty on display
Her appearance enhances every beauty of her inner self

Her hair glistening in the sun
Her eyes like a fire searing into my soul
She takes a graceful step toward me
I melt before the image I behold

The lady reaches for my hand
Pulls me close to her body
I fade in and out of reality
And she tells me she'll love me forever

I feel we were drawn together
True love always - so it's been said
Then I awake to fading memories
Of a dream never to be a reality
All Are BeautifulIt has long been a 'pet peeve' of mine that society and advertising tends to make women of all shapes and sizes feel insecure about themselves. I have found that women of all shapes and sizes are beautiful. If you are a woman and happen to actually read my ramblings, think about this. When you look in the mirror...what do you see? Do you fret about that perceived roll of fat, or wrinkle, or age spot? When was the last time you looked in the mirror and saw yourself as God intended? You are a beautiful work of art, every curve and angle crafted by the greatest of artists. Do not let yourselves be fooled into thinking you are unlovable or without beauty or value. There are many of us out there that appreciate the female form, be it big or small. When I look at you, I see your beauty. Find that in yourself and no one will be able to take that away. Cancer Sucks!!!I would say I mostly try to keep a positive outlook on life. However, I have been unable lately to focus and create any new poems. The major reason is because one of my dearest friends remains in a hospital bed with stage 4 cancer in both lungs. He will never recover and may never leave his hospital bed. I appreciated the opportunity to visit with him yesterday. Yet, it is extremely difficult to see him this way. I have nearly lost others close to me with this dreaded disease. Now it would appear that I will lose one of my dearest friends within the year. Nothing else I can say or do. My prayers go out to him and his surviving wife and to any others out there that have had to go through this. Cancer sucks!!!
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Xenodreaming Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love it ^_^
Cool!! beautiful design!!!
ladycompassion Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many thanks :sun:
your so welcome
 beautiful..nice work
ladycompassion Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many thanks :sun:
DeTea Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
A map to everywhere :-)
ladycompassion Sep 12, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Many thanks :sun:
BlueIvyViolet Sep 11, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
beautiful Jenny!! :hug:s
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